Monday, January 08, 2007

Shufen's Invitation

Hey girls,

Received Shufen's invitation? It's scheduled to be on 27 Jan at 9pm. I'm not able to make it, but don't let me hinder the gathering if everyone can. Just go ahead.

On another note, I would like to know if anybody is interested in booking a hotel room in early Feb for a stayover? I'm not sure if you girls are still open with this idea or is able to share your house with us, but why not a hotel room? Something different and refreshing! Let's see.. 7-8 of us. If the room is $180 and is divided by 7, each person will only have to pay $25. Good deal! But then again, majority wins. Just a suggestion....

Anyway, let's keep each other updated yeah? It's been real quiet recently...


yay!! at least 2 of u replied to this so far.. weee..

celine.. what's ur timetable like this sem.. let's meet up.. 2007 doesn't seem like a friendly year at all.... sigh..

Sunday, January 07, 2007

The Wrong Note

Apparently, it seems that everybody started 2007 on a wrong note. Is this a prelude or is this 'bitterness before sweetness'? I pray for the latter.

Into the new year, I believe we have all grown up- seen more, did more and felt more. Some of us may have a better picture of what lies ahead of us and what path we should take. Whereas some of us are still vividly living our days off, doing our daily routines, simply just passing each day as it is and not accomplishing anything which we could have.

New year resolutions... ha.. my friend's resolution is to make one for next year. I laughed. I pat his back. 'Good one my friend! You might be the one in a thousand who fulfills his/her resolution.'

This is reality.
We want to do certain things.
We jot it down.
We make an attempt.
We are not self-motivated.
We give up without even trying harder.
The new year comes again.

I would like to share the new year with everyone by introducing a book I've been reading recently- Tuesdays with Morrie.

"When you learn how to die, you will learn how to live" Extracted from the book.

Reina, you escaped death, you learn to cherish life and the people around you more. But have you thought what you can do to make a difference?

Celine, the New York trip created insights for you. But have you wondered what you can do to make a difference?

Huixian, you're learning about Buddhism, but have you wondered what you can do to make a difference?

Layshan, your family is religiously devoted. You follow suit. But have you wondered what you can do to make a difference?

Winnie, your exchange trip was an eye opener. It exposed you to the harsh reality of life. But have you wondered what you can do to make a difference?

Cheryl, you are on the way to obtaining a double degree. You know for sure what you want to do in future. But have you wondered what you can do to make a difference?

Shufen, you have 2 companies under your name. But have you wondered what you can do to make a difference?

Have you all wondered what you can do to make a difference?

I have thought about it. I have made plans. Though it will not be done within this year, but at least for the future, I hope to leave my footprints around. I hope to see yours too...

*PS: Reina, I doubt HX can view blogs from blogger due to firewall problems. But we'll see how.

Friday, January 05, 2007

virgin blogger

hey girlies, this is my first time blogging *blush blush*... haha ok actually experienced this twitch of fear... how has the new year been so far? mine's been pretty extreme. Apprehension seems to be the new emotion that clouds my daily activities. Maybe you have all passed this stage in life where you are finding yourself. I am trying to deal with the inner demons of ignorance and immaturity. Life seems to be so fragile, so unexpected, yet so unbelievably strong and mundane. It is full of contradictions. After New York, my outlook to life's journey has changed. Maybe my sight has become clouded. Maybe the vision is clearer now. But one thing's for sure, it's not the same. Some friends have noticed the change in me, less positive, less cheerful, more tired (more than physically)... is it part and parcel of growing up or is this just another side of Celine?

am not too experienced with blogging, whose perception is to write about one's thoughts and experiences I think... so do forgive me if stuff seems about me. Any resolutions for the new year?

Thursday, January 04, 2007

feel free to add to the blog!


i dunno what title to use n all.. so i just copied the yahoo group thing. and changed the blog skin too.. heee..

n pls links ur blogs... :) i added mine already.. weeee...


hello. i know i haven been posting on the Yahoo thing. sorry. I think that a blog is easier to read So i am Starting one. but if you all think the yahoo group is better then i'11 respect that!

Btw, happy new year!